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100 People Who Care About
Muessel Elementary

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Take a moment to look at the picture above. Look closely, because you are seeing the future. These Muessel students will grow up to be parents, business leaders and workers, property owners, volunteers, voters, and elected officials. In a few short years they will become the backbone of our South Bend community. We all have a vested interest in seeing them become happy, healthy, productive, and well-informed citizens.

The We Fly High Campaign has been started by those who are committed to bringing attention and resources to Muessel Elementary. We ultimately help ourselves when we help Muessel. Study after study shows that when ranking the return on investments made for the public good, supporting education and families with young children comes out at the very top--and by a large margin!

We believe that our sustained support for Muessel Elementary will yield immediate and measurable benefits in academic achievement, family stability, and student wellness. We further believe that this support will create a positive feedback loop that will uplift ALL of South Bend for generations to come. 

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ALL YOU NEED to join the We Fly High Campaign is the DESIRE TO HELP.

  • You can write a check or donate the spare change from your pocket.

  • You can volunteer one hour a week or one hour a year.

  • You can support the cause at the school or do tasks from your home.

What will you do to help the Muessel Cardinals FLY HIGH?

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